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Oscillating Vertical Cooling Crystalliser (OVC) Schematic view

In order to achieve optimum crystal yields, sugar factories have to use cooling crystallisers for low-grade massecuite.

However a number of basic conditions have to be fulfilled for excellent crystallisation results and, therefore, a high crystal content in the massecuite.

Functionality of cooling crystallisers must be such that they will provide for constant crystallisation throughout a campaign, with no incrustations occurring on heat exchange surfaces. Another requirement is that the temperature difference between the massecuite and the cooling medium must be constant at any time and any point, in order to achieve uniform supersaturation, which will prevent the formation of fine crystals. Constant massecuite flow velocities across the entire crystalliser cross section are another important criterion. The retention time, too, should be constant.

BMA’s oscillating vertical cooling crystalliser (OVC) complies with these requirements.


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