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Molasses / Massecuite Mixer MBA

Molasses / Massecuite Mixer

The BMA massecuite mixer permits optimum mixing of heated molasses and cooled massecuite. The maximum quantity of heated molasses to be added is 10 % on massecuite. Reducing the crystal content and raising the product temperature diminishes the viscosity of the massecuite, subject to requirements, by up to 1/5 of the original figure. In addition, the molasses serves as a lubricant.

The BMA massecuite mixer produces easy-to-centrifuge massecuite and replaces other re-heating equipment of the Green-Smith type which quite often operated inefficiently and at rather high costs.

The mixer consists of a tube with flanges at inlet and outlet. Inside the tube is a stirrer with special blades welded to the shaft. The stirrer is driven by an AC gear motor. For molasses feed, the tube has a 1“ nozzle.

The massecuite mixer is installed vertically or horizontally ˝in line˝ between the final cooling crystallizer and the centrifugal station, and can also be used to add intermediate molasses.

Scheme of Molasses/Massecuite Mixer


stainless steel

Mixing tube:
mild steel, stainless steel optionally available

DN 200 / DN 250: stuffing box; mechanical seal optional; DN 350 / DN 500: mechanical seal

Mixer arranged directly at the outlet of a cooling crystallizer

Features and advantages
Due to the high massecuite viscosity, molasses and massecuite do not mix easily; however, studies revealed that the BMA molasses/massecuite mixer provides excellent mixing efficiency.
  • higher sugar yield and higher dry substances as the massecuite can be cooled to a lower temperature
  • better centrifugation
  • viscosity of the massecuite can be adjusted by setting the temperature and the quantity of recirculated molasses
  • small mass increase
  • flexible in-line installation
  • horizontal or vertical installation
  • small floor space required
  • low maintenance requirements
  • low capital cost compared to other systems.
Available Sizes
Diameter of mixing tube
DN 200
DN 250
DN 350
DN 500
Horizontal arrangement

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