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Neutron Star, Pulsars, Millisecond Pulsars & Black Holes Astrophysics

Neutron Star, Pulsars, Millisecond Pulsars & Black Holes - Avibert

Scott Ransom wins the American Astronomical Society's 2010 Helen B. Warner Prize. In this video, he describes how it feels to win this prestigious award and explains:
  • What a Pulsar is
  • What a Millisecond Pulsar is
  • How the spin of Neutron Stars affects their Magnetic Fields
  • His most recent research on pulsars
  • How remote observations of pulsars are used as physics experiments
  • General Relativity and its use in his pulsar research
  • The states of nuclear matter and how his research is changing the theories governing them
  • How his and his team are able to see the effects of gravity in their pulsar observations
  • Black holes
  • GUPPI, the cutting-edge pulsar timing instrument used in his award-winning research
  • His career
Release Date: 3 July 2013

Credit: NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Fuente: The NRAO

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