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Singlet–Triplet Gaps
through Incremental Full Configuration Interaction ACS Publications

CitationSinglet–Triplet Gaps through Incremental Full Configuration Interaction
Paul M. Zimmerman (
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.7b03998

The method of increments is herein applied to produce accurate singlet–triplet gaps in a variety of challenging polyatomic systems involving main group elements. This strategy computes incremental Full Configuration Interaction (iFCI) energies for the two spin states in a size-extensive n-body expansion. iFCI avoids exponential costs when n is small and thus is dependent on choice of reference function to maintain good accuracy at polynomial cost. The new algorithm presented in this article therefore employs a high-spin perfect pairing reference to capture the major qualities of the singlet and triplet wave functions at n = 0. Systematic studies will show that singlet–triplet gap predictions approach 1 kcal/mol accuracy at small n (n ≤ 3) compared with available experimental and high-level theoretical values.

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